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From HarVa Softwares, the best Card game- Solitaire! Solitaire by HarVa softwares is now available for Android tablet and phones. If you have used HarVa softwares before you well know their reputation in the gaming world. Each play/game is a unique challenge to jog your wonderful mind.As HarVa we always strive to take the best of our products to the market, so when we got your reviews we have created exactly what you want. We hope to make this Solitaire as popular as our previous versions. Please enjoy a truly solitary experience!Solitare is a free download!----Features--• Normal card art.• Large card art• Time Display• With multiple Solitaire options: Deal 3 cards, Deal 1 Card• With extra Spider options (four suits, two suits, one suit that can be unlocked.• Auto move setting: - Always, fling only and Never.• Statistics----How To Play-------------------Moving:Single Card: Drag the card.Whole Stack: Drag the stack starting above the bottom card.Partial Stack: Tap the stack, scroll to adjust, then drag the top card.Auto Move: Fling a card to start a chain of moving cards to their home.Dealing: Tap the deck or click the trackball or search key.Undo: Push the back button.Menu: Change the gametype, save, options, and view this help.